the colour journal

BV Color Story

Dominant Hue:

  • BV-T3 | #4f5ad8 | C76% M69% Y0% K0%
  • BV-T5 | #a5abf7 | C58% M52% Y0% K0% (Secondary Hue)

 BV | Dominant Hue


Possible names:

  • Purple atmosphere
  • Blue Intrigue
  • Captivate
  • Essence
  • Embodied
  • Embodiment
  • Emblem
  • Billowing
  • Ambience
  • Blue impressions
  • Blue-violet temper
  • Terrain
  • Violet tears
  • Submerge
  • Impressions

Color Book Concept Development

Through my research I have discovered Blue-Violet to be somewhat of an enigma, appearing only in the certain conditions, effected by light and time. It is a mysterious colour used a great deal in religious and spiritual rituals and meditation. It is a very unstable and bold colour that has a distinctive personality that could be said to be powerful, determined and at some pointe eccentric.

The desired audience for the book will be people living in and around New York City with an interest in the built environment, the natural environment, color, art and design. The book will appeal to the daydreamers of the city who view life in a romantic and introspective way. The story will encourage the audience to see the city from a new perspective that is centered around blue-violet hiding in the reflections of the city, the sky, the ground and windows. The city perspective will be higher and lower than the general, everyday line of site. The qualities of the environment will be personified and described like the qualities of a person. For example, New York City could be a multi-cultural middle-aged food vendor that is weathered and tired yet confident, loud and creative, blue-violet could be discussed through his personality as he is working around the city. Or, in contrast, New York City could be a young, energetic, bohemian-type positive and hopeful woman, with blue-violet reflected through her experiences and personality.

The inspiration for the book has developed from the difficulty in finding blue-violet naturally in and around the city. It is almost as if blue-violet is hiding, forcing the question, do we need blue-violet in our lives? What does blue-violet bring us? Hopefully these answers can be provided through the personification of blue-violet appearing in and around the city. Blue-violet has been describe as an ‘unnatural’ color however the aim of the book will be to highlight that it can be found in the built and natural environment, you just have to look for it, perhaps through the eyes of someone else. This will allow a discussion of the situations where blue violet arises and is used in a city environment.

Reading the book will be like stepping into the mind of the protagonists to discover another person’s perspective of blue-violet. A perspective that will be shown through the traits of that person.

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